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Post  carpyman on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:37 am

Well - another fabulous year at Lac Les Pins, with superb weights being caught, and the averages continuing to rise. For a lake of 12 acres, these are brilliant.

It was fantastic to see Matey come out at 74lb, caught by one of our youngest anglers, Liam Davis. Although all carp lost a lot of weight over the very long hot Summer, it was good to see Colin catch Matey again in November, weighing 68lb, proving that they were beginning to put it all back on.

The amount of 50’s and 60’s caught have doubled since 2011, and the reason for more 20’s is the fact that we have now reintroduced some 20’s from the stock pond into the main lake for further growth. There were 50 less 30’s caught and 50 more 40’s, so if it goes on at this rate, our anglers could be catching more 50’s than 40’s.

The last 3 years results show how far the carp have come on.

2010 ……93 – 20’s, 409 – 30’s, 126 – 40’s, 16 – 50’s, 6 – 60’s. Average 36lb.

2011…….88 – 20’s, 319 – 30’s, 155 – 40’s, 15 – 50’s, 6 – 60’s. Average 38lb.

2012…….112 – 20’s, 237 – 30’s, 208 – 40’s, 30 – 50’s, 11 – 60’s, 1 – 70. Average 39lb. Average still up even with all the extra 20’s.

It seems that our lads from Nottingham have it sussed. Two different groups, one who came from 7th – 14th April produced the best weights. 45 Carp with an average of 41lb. 4 – 60’s, 1 – 50, 23 – 40’s, 12 – 30’s and 5 – 20’s.

Another group from Nottingham who visited on 25th August – 1st September, produced the most Carp. 56 Carp with an average of 34lb 1 – 60, 1 – 50, 12 – 40’s, 29 – 30’s and 13 – 20’s.

5 anglers from the Isle of Wight from 8th – 15th September also had a great haul of 50 Carp .

Well done to all these guys.

We have had various ages and dialects over the past year, and what a great bunch they have all been. Mostly, we have a great laugh and understanding with them, so things run very smoothly. We do have the odd little outbursts of frustration sometimes, but this usually corrects itself with the first big catch. As we have always said, this is NOT a runs water, sometimes it can be extremely difficult, and you can wait 2 or 3 days, but when you do catch, it is well worth the wait, and at least you are not being kept up all night with the “ babies”.


The weather is very mild at the moment, and the carp have been feeding extremely well on our protein pellet. They have been enjoying the weather, and jumping around a lot, so hopefully there will be another significant weight gain for the coming Season.

Barry continues to progress with his goal of achieving “Shangri La” – a paradise where every carp angler can come and enjoy the excellence of the services here, and the pleasure of netting a monster. We spend the Winter months maintaining the grounds, and reinvesting in further luxuries rather than necessities to make you the experience to remember, and that is why the majority of our anglers return again year after year, and have become firm friends.

Barry has already erected 2 double cabins on the Riviera and Med swims, and these will make it all the more comfortable and cosy for whoever has the fortune to be allocated one of these. This part of the lake has always received the worst of the weather as it is so open, so wind and rain can come at its worst, and if Barry has done his job properly, they will still be standing afterwards.

He is also now continuing to get on with the new Lodge. Electricity and plumbing is installed, and internal walls and ceilings have been plastered. Floor tiling is almost completed.

He will have to stop there for a little while as he has a knee operation at the end of January, but most of you know what a workaholic Baz is, so that will not stop him for long. He will then continue his project, as well as cutting down nuisance saplings, and then on to his never ending grass cutting stint over the Summer.

We will be off to England in February for your beloved English Sausages, Bacon and Baked Beans, and other supplies. Then it will be all hands to the deck once again to prepare for reopening. Not much time off for us I am afraid – not quite the idyllic existence that everyone thinks, but still a million miles away from the rat race of the UK.

We would urge everyone wanting particular dates, to please book as early in advance as possible, so as not to be disappointed. We do hate turning anyone away. A few spaces left for 2013, but now taking bookings for 2014.

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2013, and look forward to welcoming our returning and new anglers this year.

Bonne Peche

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