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Post  carpyman on Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:22 am

31st March – 7th April 2012

Mixed groups from Liverpool, Shropshire and Lincolnshire visited for the first week of our Fishing Season, and what a fantastic week it turned out to be for them, with nine 40’s being netted – most of them new ones.
Fishing started very slow at first due to very warm weather and high pressure. This cooled down markedly by Wednesday, with overnight temperatures dropping to 2 degrees. This is when the carp really started feeding, and produced the brilliant fish that all our guys can be proud of.

22 Carp caught with a few lost.

48lb 8oz caught by Steve Green
47lb 8oz caught by Mick Bailey
43lb 8oz caught by John Trushell
43lb 4oz also by John Trushell
42lb 2oz caught by Gary Godfrey
41lb 4oz yet again by John Trushell
40lb 4oz again by Mick Bailey
40lb again by Gary Godfrey
40lb caught by GED Hargreaves


39lb 4oz x 2, 38lb 8oz, 38lb, 37lb 5oz common, 36lb, 35lb, 34lb 12oz, 33lb 10oz, 33lb 8oz, 32lb 10oz


28lb 8oz, 26lb 8oz.

Weight totalling 839lb, with an average weight of 38lb.

Steve Green - 48lb 8oz

Mick Bailey - 47lb 8oz

John Trushell - 43lb 8oz

Gary Godfrey - 42lb 2oz

John Trushell - 41lb 4oz

Mick Bailey - 40lb 4oz

Gary Godfrey - 40lb

Ged Hargreaves - 40lb

Steve Green - 39lb 4oz

John Trushell - 38lb 8oz

Steve McCarthy - 37lb 5oz Common

Steve McCarthy - 35lb

7th – 14th April 2012

What a truly awe inspiring second week for our guys from Nottingham, they really showed how it should be done with our best week ever at Lac Les Pins.

The first night produced the new lake record of 69lb 8oz, along with a stunning 42lb common and three other 40’s. The same angler Paul Stones, who caught the record then went on to catch a 63lb 8oz, and then a 50lb’er – unbelievable. The guys did not stop catching all week, with Nigel Beresford catching a staggering twelve 40’s and a 68lb 5oz. Then another great catch of 61lb 11oz to young lad Connor Thrower – what phenomenal catches.

Weather turning chillier with plenty of rain and intermittent sunny spells, then rain again, obviously the perfect weather for a carp’s eating pattern . Well done to all you guys, you have now set the tone, and we hope this continues for the rest of the Season.

45 Carp caught weighing 1,817.13 lb’s, with an average weight of 41lb

69lb 8oz caught by Paul Stones
68lb 5oz caught by Nigel Beresford
63lb 8oz again by Paul Stones
61lb 11oz caught by Connor Thrower

50lb 1oz again by Paul Stones

49lb 2oz caught by Nigel Beresford
48lb 4oz caught by Connor Thrower
46lb 1oz again by Nigel Beresford
45lb 12oz again by Nigel Beresford
45lb 10oz again by Nigel Beresford
45lb 2oz again by Nigel Beresford
43lb 8oz caught by Paul Stones
43lb 7oz again by Nigel Beresford
43lb 7oz once again by Nigel Beresford
43lb 4oz again by Connor Thrower
43lb 3oz again by Nigel Beresford
43lb 2oz again by Nigel Beresford
42lb 11oz again by Nigel Beresford
42lb 3oz again by Paul Stones
42lb Common caught by Karl Greenfield
42lb again by Karl Greenfield
41lb 10oz again by Karl Greenfield
41lb 8oz again by Paul Stones
41lb 4oz again by Paul Stones
40lb 8oz again by Connor Thrower
40lb 1oz again by nigel Beresford
40lb Common caught by Neil Greenfield
40lb again by Nigel Beresford


38lb 13oz, 38lb 7oz, 38lb x 2, 35lb, 33lb 11oz, 33lb 8oz, 33lb 2oz, 33lb 3oz x 2, 33lb, 30lb


28lb, 25lb, 23lb, 21lb 12oz, 21lb 3oz

Paul Stones - 69lb 8oz

Nigel Beresford - 68lb 5oz

Paul Stones - 63lb 8oz

Connor Thrower - 61lb 11oz

Paul Stones - 50lb 1oz

Nigel Beresford - 49lb 2oz

Connor Thrower - 48lb 4oz

Nigel Beresford - 45lb 12oz

Nigel Beresford 43lb 7oz

Connor Thrower - 43lb 4oz

Nigel Beresford - 43lb 3oz

Karl Greenfield - 42lb Common

Nigel Beresford - 40lb 1oz

Karl Greenfield - 38lb 7oz


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Post  carpyman on Sat May 12, 2012 1:07 pm

14th – 21st April 2012

We welcomed anglers from Surrey, Farnborough and Milton Keynes this week, and it started off fabulously with a 66lb’er and two new 50’s. Then it was hard going with 35 mile per hour gusts of wind, and reaching a frosty minus 5 degrees overnight. That, with intermittent torrential rain yet again, and the odd sunny interval, made the fishing tail off towards the end of the week as the water temperature got colder. The guys still achieved outstanding catches yet again.

27 carp caught totalling 1,093 lb’s, with an average weight of 41lb. 3 or 4 lost.

66lb 12oz caught by Cory Billingham

52lb 15oz also by Cory Billingham
52lb 8oz again by Cory Billingham

49lb caught by Phil Jordan
47lb 10oz caught by Paul Bolton
45lb 9oz caught by Mick Taylor
45lb 5oz again by Paul Bolton
44lb 1oz again by Cory Billingham
43lb 8oz yet again by Cory Billingham
43lb again by Phil Jordan
42lb 12oz caught by Neil Green
42lb 10oz again by Paul Bolton
41lb 8oz yet again by Phil Jordan
40lb 5oz yet again by Paul Bolton
40lb 5oz again by Neil Green


38lb 2oz, 38lb, 37lb 13oz, 36lb 1oz, 36lb, 35lb 10oz, 33lb 9oz, 32lb, 30lb 8oz


28lb 10oz, 26lb, 23lb

12 – 40’s
2 – 50’s
1 – 60
9 – 30’s
3 – 20

Corey Billingham - 66lb 12oz

Cory Billingham - 52lb 15oz

Cory Billingham - 52lb 8oz

Phil Jordan - 49lb

Paul Bolton - 47lb 10oz

Mick Taylor - 45lb 9oz

Paul Bolton - 45lb 5oz

Cory Billingham - 44lb 1oz

Cory Billingham - 43lb 8oz Common

Phil Jordan - 43lb

Neil Green - 42lb 12oz

Paul Bolton - 42lb 10oz

Paul Bolton - 40lb 5oz

Neil Green - 40lb 5oz

Mark Allen - 38lb 2oz

Phil Jordan - 38lb

Cory Billingham - 36lb 1oz

Phil Jordan - 36lb

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Post  carpyman on Wed May 23, 2012 9:20 am

21st – 28th April 2012

Not fit for dogs this week, rain, rain, and more rain, with strong winds to boot – far too much cold water going into the lake, and the carp switched off completely as though it was Winter. So our lads from Lancashire and Staffordshire had a real battle on their hands, and unfortunately 2 guys blanked. We were moaning about the drought last year, so we really shouldn’t complain, but I felt so sorry for the guys sitting in their bivvies all week under these exceptional conditions.

Our lake is not an easy water at the best of times, but at the end of the day anglers come here to catch big fish, not lots of small ones. So if you look at it that way, it was a pretty good week with the fantastic lumps that came out. We have heard that there is spawning already on some lakes despite the heavy rain. This is exceptionally early, as the water usually has to be a constant 16-18 degrees for a number of days for that to happen, mostly not until the end of May, so it just goes to show, you never can tell with fishing.

10 Carp caught totalling 407.13 lbs with an average of 41lb.

51lb 2oz caught by James McFarlane
50lb 2oz caught by Danny Eccles

48lb 8oz again by Danny Eccles
48lb 1oz yet again by Danny Eccles
40lb 5oz caught by Roger McDowell


39lb 4oz, 37lb 7oz, 36lb, 32lb

And a lonesome


James McFarlane - 51lb 2oz

Danny Eccles - 50lb 2oz

Danny Eccles - 48lb 8oz

Roger McDowell - 40lb 5oz

Danny Eccles - 39lb 4oz

Danny Eccles - 37lb 7oz

28th April – 5th May 2012

Another really hard week for our guys from Wiltshire. Weather improved and we had some really hot sunny days. Some lakes here are already in full spawn mode, and we have noticed several of our carp have started milking. There are discussions going on some of the Fishing Forums as to why they think that the carp are spawning so early, when the experts believe that the temperature has to reach 18c. There could be lots of different triggers ie volume of water after lots of rain, unsettled weather, higher surface temperature, the moon – no one knows for certain, and probably never will – the Carp are a law unto themselves. The guys still did really well though with two 50’s and eight 40’s – really big lumps coming out.

12 Carp totalling 527.9 lbs, with an absolutely mega average weight of 44lb.

57lb caught by Lee Beavan
56lb again by Lee Beavan

49lb 2oz caught by Josh Scaife
45lb 5oz caught by Mark Billing
44lb 12oz again by Lee Beavan
44lb yet again by Lee Beavan
43lb 4oz and again by Lee Beavan
Another 43lb 4oz by Lee Beavan
42lb 4oz again by Josh Scaife
41lb 4oz another one by Lee Beavan


35lb Common


26lb 8oz

Lee Beavan - 57lb

Lee Beavan - 56lb

Mark Billing - 45lb 5oz

Lee Beavan - 44lb 12oz

Lee Beavan - 44lb

Lee Beavan - 43lb 4oz

Lee Beavan - 43lb 4oz

Josh Scaife - 42lb 4oz

Lee Beavan - 41lb 4oz

Jock Martin - 35lb Common

5th – 12th May 2012


Cracking week for our guys from the Isle of Wight and West Sussex, with the record Carp weight caught so far at 74lb. Congratulations to Liam Davis, although it was a hand me down from his dad who, having caught most of the fish up to then, decided to let his son have the next take - nice gesture by dad, but boy did he wish he hadn’t – giving away the catch of a lifetime. Anyway, Liam went on to catch plenty of other big lumps as well, having 3 on the bank at once. Weather was warmer with some rain here and there. Spawning is really taking hold in the stock pond, so will probably follow onto the main lake if temperatures persist.

18 carp caught totalling 775.13lbs, with a great average weight again of 43.6lb. 4 lost.

74lb caught by Liam Davis (and Dad)

52lb again by Liam Davis

48lb yet again by Liam Davis
47lb 10oz caught by Martin Cave
47lb 3oz and again by Liam Davis
44lb 10oz again by Martin Cave
44lb 2oz caught by Andy Byfield
42lb 2oz yet again by Martin Cave
42lb caught by Pete Cambray
41lb 7oz again by Liam Davis
41lb 3oz and again by Liam Davis
40lb 12oz yet again by Liam Davis
40lb 3oz again by Martin Cave
40lb Common and again by Martin Cave


38lb 4oz, 34lb, 32lb 4oz


26lb 1oz

Liam Davis - 74lb

Liam Davis 52lb

Liam Davis - 48lb

Martin Cave - 47lb 10oz

Martin Cave - 47lb 4oz

Liam Davis - 47lb 3oz

Martin Cave - 44lb 10oz

Martin Cave - 44lb 2oz

Andy Byfield - 42lb 4oz

Martin Cave - 42lb 2oz

Pete Cambray - 42lb

Liam Davis - 41lb 7oz

Liam Davis - 41lb 3oz

Liam Davis - 40lb 12oz

Martin Cave - 40lb Common

12th – 19th May 2012

A slow week again for our guys from Lancashire and Hertfordshire. Some hot days and cold nights with little rain.

A couple of stockies put into the main lake from the stock pond recently also came out. We think that the carp have been through a spawn of sorts in the main lake, but not really too much evidence showing.

19 Carp caught totalling 747lbs, with an average weight of 40lb.

52lb caught by Mark Lewis

48lb caught by Chris Walmsley
47lb 5oz again by Mark Lewis
45lb again by Chris Walmsley
43lb 6oz Common yet again by Mark Lewis
43lb 6oz caught by Ben Pittock
42lb yet again by Chris Walmsley
40lb again by Ben Pittock
40lb caught by Pete Southworth
40lb yet again by Pete Southworth


39lb 11oz, 39lb x 2, 37lb 12oz, 37lb, 36lb, 33lb 8oz


22lb, 19lb

Mark Lewis - 47lb 5oz

Chris Walmsley - 48lb

Chris Walmsley - 45lb

Ben Pittock - 43lb 6oz

Chris Walmsley - 42lb

Pete Southworth - 40lb

Ben Pittock - 40lb

Pete Southworth - 40lb

Pete Southworth - 39lb

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Post  carpyman on Mon May 28, 2012 9:33 am

19th – 26th May 2012

We had our regular guys from Hampshire and Birmingham, and new guy from Manchester fishing this week.

A great week, although a little spawning still taking place. Quite cool to start the week, but gradually warming up to stifling on Thursday and Friday causing fishing to become slow, but not before our guys had pulled out five 50’s and twelve 40’s – fantastic. Great to see all the 40+ commons coming out now – amazing guys considering still some spawning.

25 carp caught totalling 1,178 lbs, with an unbelievable average weight of 47lb.

55lb 11oz caught by Eric Chan-Pensley
54lb caught by Martin Smith
52lb 9oz again caught by Eric Chan-Pensley
52lb again caught by Martin Smith
51lb 15oz caught by Stuart Hobkirk

49lb again by Martin Smith
48lb 10oz yet again by Eric Chan-Pensley
48lb 4oz and again by Eric Chan-Pensley
45lb 9oz again by Eric Chan-Pensley
44lb 12oz and yet again by Eric Chan-Pensley
44lb 8oz again by Stuart Hobkirk
44lb 2oz another by Eric Chan-Pensley
44lb Common yet again by Martin Smith
41lb 2oz yet another by Eric Chan-Pensley
41lb Common another by Martin Smith
40lb 2oz Common another by Stuart Hobkirk
40lb 4oz caught by Will McDonald


39lb 12oz, 37lb 7oz, 36lb 8oz, 34lb 3oz, 34lb, 32lb 9oz


27lb 9oz, and another from the stock pond 19lb.

Eric Chan-Pensley - 55lb 11oz

Martin Smith - 54lb

Eric Chan-Pensley - 52lb 9oz

Martin Smith - 52lb

Stuart Hobkirk - 51lb 15oz

Eric Chan-Pensley - 48lb 10oz

Eric Chan-Pensley - 48lb 4oz

Eric Chan-Pensley - 44lb 12oz Common

Stuart Hobkirk - 44lb 8oz

Eric Chan-Pensley - 44lb 2oz

Martin Smith - 44lb Common

Eric Chan-Pensley - 41lb 2oz

Martin Smith - 41lb Common

Stuart Hobkirk - 40lb 2oz Common

Will McDonald - 40lb 4oz

Stuart Hobkirk - 39lb 12oz

Will McDonald - 36lb 8oz


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Post  carpyman on Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:16 pm

26th May – 2nd June 2012

2 of our very regular guys brought with them 2 new anglers from Essex this week, and it was an ace week considering the high pressure and sweltering heat. Obviously gotten over their spawn but showing some weight loss, especially noticeable on Matey, who came out this week at 66lb. We know they will soon put it all back on again, and more. A few more smaller “stockies” again showing up, but our guys didn’t mind a couple of these amongst all the giants.

Another great week with 23 carp caught totalling 856 lbs, with a lower average weight this week beause of the stockies of 38lb.

66lb caught by Mark Wilson

52lb caught by Ian Harrison

47lb again by Ian Harrison
46lb 14oz caught by Barry Gibb
45lb 2oz caught by Jack Gibb
44lb 14oz again by Ian Harrison
And another 44lb 14oz by Ian Harrison
44lb 13oz again by Jack Gibb
44lb 12oz yet again by Ian Harrison
43lb 12oz yet again by Jack Gibb
41lb 11oz and again by Mark Wilson
41lb 8oz and yet again by Mark Wilson


38lb 15oz, 38lb 4oz, 36lb 4oz, 32lb11oz, 32lb


29lb 14oz, 28lb 11oz, 25lb, 24lb, 23lb, 21lb 8oz

Mark Wilson - 66lb

Ian Harrison - 52lb

Ian Harrison - 47lb

Barry Gibbs - 46lb 14oz

Ian Harrison - 44lb 14oz

Ian Harrison - 44lb 14oz

Jack Gibbs - 44lb 13oz

Ian Harrison - 44lb 12oz

Jack Gibbs - 43lb 12oz Common

Jack Gibbs - 36lb 14oz

2nd – 9th June 2012

After spawning, the carp seem intent on putting back all the weight they lost, and have gone on the munch big time, giving our anglers from Liverpool, Kidlington and Sussex a phenomenal week, with a quote by the Liverpool lads that it was the best fishing they had ever had – it was pretty amazing guys. A couple of nights fishing by our own Bazza also produced a good one. Weather cooler which helped immensely, with still some very warm days, but good amount of rain too. Excellent conditions.

37 carp caught totalling 1,443 lbs, with an average of weight of 39lb.

54lb caught by Graham Dunn
53lb 8oz caught by Paul Bailey
50lb 8oz caught by Paul Holden
50lb 3oz again by Paul Holden

48lb 6oz yet again by Paul Holden
46lb 1oz Paul Holden again
46lb caught by our own Bazza Reah
45lb 15oz and Paul Holden again
45lb 8oz again by Paul Bailey
45lb 6oz by Paul Holden yet again
43lb 6oz yet again by Paul Bailey
43lb 6oz another by Paul Bailey
41lb 6oz caught by Tony Mallan
41lb 5oz again by Paul Holden
41lb and again by Tony Mallan
40lb 11oz Common by Tony Mallan
40lb 10oz yet again by Paul Holden
40lb 10oz yet again by Paul Bailey
40lb 1oz yet again by Tony Mallan
40lb again by Graham Dunn


39lb 13oz, 39lb 1oz, 39lb x 2, 38lb 14oz Silver Common, 37lb 11oz, 37lb 6oz, 35lb 5oz, 35lb, 33lb,


28lb 8oz, 27lb, 25lb, 24lb 14oz, 23lb 8oz Common

Stockies of 18lb 2oz, and 17lb 10oz.

Graham Dunn - 54lb

Paul Bailey - 53lb 8oz

Paul Holden - 50lb 8oz

Paul Holden - 48lb 6oz

Paul Holden - 46lb 1oz

Bazza Reah - 46lb

Paul Holden - 45lb 15oz

Paul Bailey - 45lb 8oz

Paul Bailey - 43lb 6oz

Paul Bailey - 43lb 6oz

Tony Mallan - 41lb 6oz

Paul Holden - 41lb 5oz

Tony Mallan - 40lb 11oz Common

Paul Holden - 40lb 10oz

Paul Bailey - 40lb 10oz

Tony Mallen - 40lb 1oz

Tony Mallen - 39lb 13oz

Tony Mallen - 39lb 1oz

Paul Holden - 39lb

Paul holden - 38lb 14oz Common

Paul Bailey - 37lb 11oz

Paul Bailey - 35lb 5oz

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Post  carpyman on Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:47 am


9th – 16th June 2012

Paul Bailey from Kidlington stayed another week, and was joined by three other guys from East Sussex and Tunbridge Wells.

It just goes to show how dramatically things can change on a fishing lake from one week to the next, so different to last week when the carp went on the munch big time after their spawn. An incredibly hard week was had by the boys, with again changeable weather getting very hot with a couple of rainy days.

14 carp caught weighing 503 lb’s, with an average weight of 36lb.

48lb 10oz caught by Paul Bailey
44lb 6oz caught again by Paul Bailey
44lb 1oz yet again by Paul Bailey
44lb and again by Paul Bailey – now you are getting greedy Paul
43lb 11oz caught by Mark Rose


38lb 8oz, 38lb, 37lb 2oz, 36lb 12oz, 35lb 14oz, 33lb 13oz, 32lb 13oz, 30lb 4oz


26lb 12oz.

Paul Bailey - 48lb 10oz

Paul Bailey - 44lb 6oz

Paul bailey - 44lb 1oz

Paul Bailey - 44lb

Paul Bailey - 38lb 8oz

Mark Rose - 37lb 2oz

Paul Bailey - 36lb 12oz

Paul Bailey - 35lb 14oz

16th – 23rd June 2012

We welcomed anglers from Norfolk, Stoke on Trent and Cornwall this week. Phil from Stoke was supposed to come with his son and they come every year, but right at the last minute, his son was taken ill and could not make it, which was a real shame. Our own Baz shared a couple of nights with him to keep him company.

The guys really had a struggle, as unfortunately the carp started the beginning of their spawn again, and it looks like it is going to be a stronger one than the last, with carp crashing around towards the end of the week. Hope it does not last too long for the next anglers.

Some really hot days, but cold at night. Still a few good lumps came out though.

13 carp totalling 479lb, with an average weight of 37lb.

50lb 14oz caught by Ryan Young

44lb again caught by Ryan Young
42lb 8oz caught by Phil Spendelow
42lb yet again by Ryan Young
40lb 4oz caught by Tony Smith
40lb 2oz again by Phil Spendelow


37lb, 35lb 14oz, 35lb Common


28lb 4oz Common, 28lb, 26lb, 21lb

Ryan Young - 50lb 14oz

Phil Spendelow -42lb 8oz

Ryan Young - 44lb

Ryan Young - 42lb

Tony Smith - 40lb 4oz

Phil Spendelow - 40lb 2oz

Phil Spendelow - 37lb

Tony Smith - 35lb 14oz

Ryan Young - 35lb Common

23rd June - 4th July 2012

The carp and ourselves are taking a well earned mid Season rest during July, so no catch reports will be posted. We will be entertaining some of our friends and relatives during this time, with perhaps a small spot of fishing to keep them active. Reports will resume for the second part of the season, starting after our first lot of anglers leave on the 11th August. Then it is full steam ahead with postings every week until the end of October. Enjoy your fishing wherever you may be.

4th – 11th August 2012

Five anglers from Wiltshire started the second half of our Season off to a good start.

Slow to begin the week with temperatures getting hotter every day reaching 38 degrees, so fantastic catches in this weather.

The carp have all lost quite a bit of weight since their last spawn at the end of June, and the fact that there has been no-one fishing the lake for all of July, although we have still been subsidising them with regular high protein pellet. Consequently all the high 20’s 30’s and 40’s would normally have been 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and Matey’s drop in weight was particularly noticeable. Now that they are on the munch again, they will soon gain their rightful weights and more as they did last year.

31 carp caught totalling 1,095 lbs, with an average weight of 35.32 lb. 10/12 fish were lost, so it could have been even better.

62lb 8oz caught by Steve Furness

47lb 11oz caught by Terry Tsoulouhopoulos
43lb 10oz again caught by Steve Furness
43lb caught by Ryan Furness
42lb 11oz again caught by Ryan Furness
41lb 8oz caught again by Steve Furness
40lb 11oz and yet again by Steve Furness


39lb 11oz, 38lb, 37lb, 36lb 8oz, 36lb 4oz Common, 35lb 10oz, 34lb 6oz, 34lb 5oz x 2, 34lb 3oz, 33lb 6oz, 32lb 10oz, 32lb 8oz, 31lb Common, 30lb 1oz, 30lb


29lb 12oz, 28lb 12oz, 28lb Common, 27lb, 24lb 7oz, 24lb, 21lb 8oz, 20lb.

Steve Furness - 62lb 8oz

Steve Furness - 43lb 10oz

Ryan Furness 43lb

Ryan Furness 42lb 11oz

Steve Furness - 41lb 11oz

Steve Furness - 41lb 8oz

Terry Tsoulouhopoulos - 39lb 1oz

Steve Furness - 38lb

Steve Furness - 36lb 8oz

11th – 18th August 2012

We had 3 groups of 2 anglers to the lake this week from Manchester, Norfolk and all the way from Ireland.

Slow at times with the temperatures gradually increasing over the week to a sizzling 45 degrees, but the guys managed a great catch of 32 carp totalling 1,057 lb’s, losing around 10, and the average weight dropped to a low of 33lb (not this low since October 2010) - this is mainly because of the amount of 20's now being caught since we introduced them into the main lake from our Stock Pond.

49lb 10oz caught by David Westman
45lb 3oz caught by Gary Blake
43lb caught by Dave Constable
43lb again caught by Gary Blake
42lb 5oz caught by Alan Smith
42lb 4oz again caught by Alan Smith
42lb 2oz Common again caught by David Westman
41lb 2oz caught by Michael O’Connon
40lb 1oz and again by David Westman
40lb and again by Gary Blake


38lb 11oz, 37lb 8oz, 37lb 3oz, 35lb 2oz, 34lb 8oz, 34lb 6oz, 33lb 8oz, 32lb 12oz, 32lb 6oz, 30lb 14oz, 30lb 2oz, 30lb 1oz, 30lb


29lb 2oz, 27lb 7oz, 26lb 10oz, 26lb 9oz, 24lb 8oz, 24lb 3oz, 22lb 8oz, 20lb 8oz, 20lb 1oz
With a couple of small stockies.

David Westman - 49lb 10oz

Gary Blake - 45lb 3oz

David Constable - 43lb

Alan Smith - 42lb 5oz

Alan Smith 42lb 4oz

David Westman - 42lb 2oz Common

Michael O'Connor - 41lb 2oz

David Westman - 40lb 1oz

Gary Blake - 40lb

Alan Smith - 38lb 11oz

David Constable - 37lb 8oz

Alan Smith - 37lb 3oz

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Post  carpyman on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:27 am

18th – 25th August 2012

We welcomed back four of our very regular anglers from Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottinghamshire.

With the temperature reaching 43 degrees, this was never going to be a great week fishwise as the lake was like a warm bath – unbearable heat at times – cooling down quite a few degrees towards the end of the week, but not enough to cool the lake substantially.

The guys managed 22 carp and everyone lost fish – 11 in total, so it could have made a big difference. Catch totalling 900 lb’s with an average weight of 43 lb.

Still some really decent sized lumps considering – hopefully we have seen the end of the sizzling weather.

44lb 2oz caught by Ron Chillery
43lb 7oz caught by Martin Smith
40lb 4oz again by Martin Smith
40lb caught by Steve McCarthy
40lb caught by Tony McCarthy


38lb 8oz, 38lb 7oz, 37lb, 35lb, 34lb, 33lb Common, 33lb, 32lb, 31lb 9oz, 30lb 10oz


26lb 1oz, 26lb, 25lb x 2, 20lb x 2

Ron Chillery - 44lb 2oz

Martin Smith - 40lb 4oz

Steve McCarthy - 40lb

Ron Chillery - 38lb 8oz

Ron Chillery - 38lb 7oz

Martin Smith - 37lb

25th August – 1st September 2012

We welcomed 5 of our regular guys from Nottingham – Rob, Baz, Uncle Mick, Brut Man Dave, and 2 Rods Trevor. Also 1 new angler from Greater Manchester – Pete Smith – had a cracking week for his first visit and enjoyed being part of this gang.

Finally, with the temperature dropping considerably especially overnight, the carp have started on the munch with gusto. They need to be putting back all that weight they have lost now ready for Winter, and it shouldn’t take too long with the way they are gulping it down. A fantastic week for our guys – a lovely bunch and a great laugh was had all week. Their pics will be going in the Nottingham Post, as did the last Nottingham lads, who earlier in the year also had a blinding week. Hopefully, the catches with now continue, though getting a bit warmer again next week.

56 fish totalling 1,922 lb’s, with an average weight of 34lb. 11 were lost.

The Nottingham guys have cracked it again with help from Pete.

66lb caught by Trev Lovell

54lb 12oz caught by Mick Harris

44lb 12oz caught by Rob Fletcher
43lb 1oz caught by Pete Smith
43lb 4oz again by Rob Fletcher
43lb 4oz again by Trev Lovell
41lb 1oz and again by Pete Smith
41lb 1oz caught by Barry Henson
41lb 1oz again by Barry Henson
40lb 11oz again by Mick Harris
40lb 11oz again by Rob Fletcher
40lb 10oz caught by Dave Tizzard
40lb 3oz and again by Barry Henson
40lb 3oz and again by Trev Lovell


39lb 4oz, 38lb 10oz, 38lb 6oz, 38lb 1oz, 37lb 14oz, 37lb 13oz, 37lb 10oz, 37lb 4oz, 37lb 3oz, 36lb 14oz, 36lb 8oz Common, 36lb 5oz x 2, 36lb 3oz, 35lb 8oz, 35lb 3oz, 35lb, 34lb 7oz, 34lb 4oz, 33lb 8oz Common, 33lb 3oz x 3,33lb 2oz Common, 32lb 1oz, 31lb 12oz, 31lb 10oz, 31lb, 30lb 12oz


29lb 14oz, 29lb 13oz, 28lb, 27lb 4oz, 26lb 11oz, 26lb 4oz, 26lb, 25lb 13oz, 24lb 13oz, 23lb 13oz, 21lb 15oz, 21lb 10oz, 21lb 8oz

Trev Lovell - 66lb

Mick Morris - 54lb 12oz

Rob Fletcher - 44lb 12oz

Rob Fletcher - 43lb 4oz

Trev Lovell - 43lb 4oz

Pete Smith - 43lb 1oz

Barry Henson - 41lb 1oz

Barry Henson - 41lb 1oz

Pete Smith - 41lb 1oz

Dave Tizzard - 40lb 10oz

Trev Lovell - 40lb 3oz

1st – 8th September 2012

5 new lads from Leicester graced our lake this week, and they were not disappointed. Not a huge amount of carp, but fantastic weights, each catching a 40, and reaching their PB’s.

Cooler weather to start the week, but still sunny and getting much warmer every day reaching 36 Degrees, so great fishing considering the heat. The much colder nights are helping to keep the lake at a decent temperature for feeding. Loads of fizzing on the markers.

23 Carp totalling 967 lb’s, with an average of 42lb, and only 5 lost this week.

69lb 6oz caught by Andy Roe

58lb again by Andy Roe
52lb caught by Gav Greenwood
51lb 12oz caught by Mark Bradford

48lb and again by Andy Roe
44lb 13oz caught by Craig Hill
44lb 11oz again by Mark Bradford
43lb 11oz and again by Mark Bradford
42lb 15oz once again by Andy Roe
42lb 10oz again by Craig Hill
41lb 10oz and once again by Andy Roe
40lb 13oz again by Andy Roe
40lb 1oz once again by Mark Bradford
40lb caught by Gezz Greenwood


38lb 2oz, 38lb, 35lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 33lb 14oz, 33lb 4oz, 32lb 4oz, 31lb


29lb 14oz

Andy Roe - 69lb 6oz

Andy Roe - 58lb

Gav Greenwood - 52lb 3oz

Mark Bradford - 51lb 12oz

Mark Bradford - 44lb 11oz

Mark Bradford - 43lb 11oz

Andy Roe - 41lb 10oz

Mark Bradford - 40lb 1oz

8th – 15th September 2012

5 anglers from the Isle of Wight, made a return visit after 3 years, and they were not disappointed.

A great week with 50 carp totalling 1,724 lb’s, and an average weight of 35lb. 2 lost.

Weather very up and down, with the pressure still high and no sign of rain. Temperature got up to 36 degrees, but chilly again at night.

55lb caught by Richard Walker

44lb 9oz again by Richard Walker
44lb 7oz caught by Ben Cassford
42lb 10oz caught by Tim Oatley
42lb 4oz again by Tim Oatley
42lb 2oz and again by Richard Walker
42lb 2oz caught by Jason Clabon
42lb again by Jason Clabon
41lb 6oz yet again by Jason Clabon
41lb and yet again by Jason Clabon


39lb 14oz, 38lb 14oz, 38lb 8oz x 2, 38lb 3oz, 37lb 11oz x 2, 36lb 15oz, 36lb 11oz, 35lb 9oz, 35lb 7oz, 35lb 2oz x 2, 34lb 10oz x 2, 33lb 10oz, 33lb, 32lb 10oz, 32lb 7oz, 32lb 6oz, 31lb 14oz, 31lb 14oz Common, 31lb 10oz, 31lb 10oz Common, 31lb 8oz, 31lb 7oz, 31lb 4oz, 30lb 1oz


29lb 8oz x 2, 29lb 2oz, 28lb 14oz, 28lb 12oz, 28lb 5oz, 27lb 4oz, 27lb 2oz, 25lb 8oz, 21lb 14oz, 21lb 13oz, 20lb.

Ben Cassford - 44lb 7oz

Tim Oatley - 42lb 10oz

Tim Oatley - 42lb 4oz

Jason Clabon - 42lb 2oz

Jason Clabon - 42lb

Jason Clabon - 41lb 6oz

Jason Clabon - 41lb

Ross Harvey - 37lb 11oz

Ross Harvey - 36lb 11oz

15th – 22nd September 2012

A mixed group of anglers graced our lake this week – 3 from Birmingham, 2 from Lancashire and 1 from Peterborough.

More of a difficult week for our guys than last, but certainly not unproductive. Some good lumps again, most of the 30’s being over 35lb. A good catch of 30 Carp totalling 975 lb’s, with an average weight of 33lb. 1 lost.

Again, pressure still high with hardly any rain.

46lb caught by Paul Boston
44lb 4oz caught by Pete Skipworth
42lb caught by Stuart McInnes
42lb again by Paul Boston
40lb 6oz caught by James McFarlane
40lb 4oz yet again by Paul Boston
40lb 3oz and again by Paul Boston


39lb 12oz, 39lb 11oz, 39lb 5oz, 38lb 11oz Common, 38lb 1oz, 37lb 10oz, 36lb 5oz, 36lb, 35lb, 33lb 1oz, 33lb, 32lb, 31lb 6oz


29lb 11oz, 29lb x 2, 28lb 4oz, 26lb 11oz, 26lb 4oz, 25lb 4oz, 22lb 7oz, 21lb 11oz, 20lb

Paul Boston - 46lb

Pete Skipworth - 44lb 4oz

Paul Boston - 40lb 3oz

David Wood - 39lb 12oz

Pete Skipworth - 39lb 5oz

Paul Boston - 38lb 11oz Common

Charlie Seaman - 37lb 10oz

22nd – 29th September 2012

5 new anglers from Essex and 1 new angler from Middlesex at the lake this week.

A very hard week, with the weather being absolutely foul day and night for 5 days, then thankfully some sunshine for our guys. Not a great quantity of carp, but phenomenal quality, with some really big lumps coming out – great to see them putting their weight back on. Please can you do some weight training for next year Paul (One Shoulder)!!

Well done guys – cracking week with you – great laugh, and we thoroughly enjoyed your company – see you next year. We look forward to the Video.

20 carp caught totalling 775 lb’s, with an average weight of 39lb (good average).

61lb 7oz caught by Paul (One Shoulder) Debnam - (Fish held by Paul (Rigsby) Harris

53lb 11oz caught by Robert (Winebear) Newnes
50lb 14oz again by Paul Debnam

49lb 14oz caught by Tony (Two Runs) Flain
47lb 7oz caught by Alan (Banana Man) Bakewell
46lb 8oz and again by Paul Debnam
43lb 10oz again by Alan Bakewell
41lb yet again by Paul Debnam
40lb caught by Ken (The Intruder) Barnes


39lb 7oz, 38lb 11oz, 37lb 12oz, 36lb 6oz, 36lb 2oz, 35lb 10oz, 33lb 10oz, 30lb 11oz, 30lb 4oz


25lb 7oz, 24lb 5oz.

Paul Debnam - 61lb 7oz

Tony Flain - 49lb 14oz

Alan Bakewell - 47lb 7oz

Paul Debnam - 46lb 8oz

Paul Debnam - 41lb

29th September – 6th October 2012

Another new group visited Lac Les Pins this week, 4 from The Wirral, and 1 from Holland. Mixed weather again – frost overnight, couple of days of rain, with week ending with a beautiful 32 degrees.

A fantastic laugh again on Barbie night, with a great bunch of guys.

Some very happy anglers netted a great haul of 34 carp totalling 1,218 lb’s, with an average weight of 36lb. Plenty of supersized lumps again.

61lb 3oz caught by Dave Jones

57lb 5oz caught by Dave Crotty

49lb 6oz again by Dave Crotty
48lb 12oz caught by Rob Fearon
44lb 7oz again by Rob Fearon
44lb again by Dave Jones
42lb 10oz yet again by Rob Fearon
41lb 10oz caught by Ken Shipman
40lb 7oz yet again by Dave Crotty
40lb 2oz yet again by Dave Jones
40lb 1oz again by Ken Shipman


39lb 2oz, 39lb 1oz, 39lb, 38lb 13oz, 38lb 10oz, 36lb 13oz, 36lb 4oz, 35lb 3oz, 35lb 1oz, 33lb 9oz, 33lb 4oz, 32lb 13oz, 32lb 11oz, 31lb 7oz, 31lb 1oz


27lb 1oz, 25lb 13oz, 25lb 5oz, 25lb 2oz, 23lb 5oz, 22lb 13oz, 22lb 8oz, 20lb 8oz

Dave Jones - 61lb 3oz

Dave Crotty - 57lb 5oz

Rob Fearon - 48lb 12oz

Rob Fearon - 44lb 7oz

Dave Jones - 44lb

Rob Fearon - 42lb 10oz

Dave Jones - 36lb 13oz Common

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Post  carpyman on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:33 am

6th – 13th October 2012

We welcomed 4 new anglers from Surrey this week, and poor guys, the carp just totally switched off, and they had the worst week ever at Lac Les Pins. It was a really miserable week with mostly rain, although not that cold during the day. We thought it would be good fishing weather, but who really knows the workings of a Carp’s natural instincts. Just a few very intermittent catches during the week, and then they turned on the last night and morning, with fish fizzing in the margins, and the 2nd 40 of the week came out, this was after the rain stopped and there was a sharp frost overnight. Sorry guys - better luck next time, and thanks for all your fantastic comments overall.

Only 9 carp caught totalling 248.75 lb’s, with an average weight of 28 lb. 3 lost.

41lb caught by Phil Middleton
41lb caught by Kevin Marden


36lb 8oz, 33lb, 30lb 8oz


23lb 8oz, 22lb 8oz, 20lb 8oz, 20lb 4oz

Kevin Marden - 41lb

Phil Middleton - 41lb

13th – 20th October 2012

We had 2 new lads from Hampshire and our good old friends Graham and Martin at the lake this week.

Another extremely hard week again, and the weather was abysmal. Temperature up and down, with rain, rain and a bit more rain for most of the week p****d them off, but some nice big lumps came out at times to make them smile. Sorry about the weather guys - definitely something we can never predict.

18 carp caught totalling 663 lb’s, with an average weight of 37lb. Lost 4.

57lb 12oz caught by Lee Molyneux

49lb caught by Martin Smith
47lb 10oz again by Lee Molyneux
44lb 11oz and again by Lee Molyneux
42lb caught by Graham Dunn
40lb Common again by Graham Dunn


39lb 2oz, 38lb 5oz, 36lb, 35lb 2oz, 33lb 4oz, 33lb, 32lb, 31lb 4oz, 31lb


27lb, 26lb, 20lb

Lee Molyneux - 57lb 12oz

Martin Smith - 49lb

Graham Dunn - 42lb

Graham Dunn - 40lb Common

Graham Dunn - 38lb 5oz

Jason Cook - 36lb

Lee Molyneux - 35lb 2oz

20th – 27th October 2012

The last week of the Season continued to be an extremely hard week for our 2 regular guys -1 from Cornwall and 1 from Norfolk. Our own Bazza did a few nights to help out also, and caught a lovely 50.

Rain to start the week, with some nice days and then the temperature dropped leading to an extremely cold Northerly wind and sharp frost.

10 carp caught totalling 410lb’s, with an average of 41lb proving we are not a Runs Water but a large fish venue.

Pete Higman from Cornwall stole the show with the majority of the catch – absolute stonkers.

50lb 11oz caught by Bazza Reah

49lb 2oz caught by Pete Higman
48lb 5oz again by Pete Higman
44lb 12oz yet again by Pete Higman


39lb 14oz, 39lb 5oz, 39lb Common, 38lb 5oz, 35lb



Bazza Reah - 50lb 11oz

Pete Higman - 49lb 2oz

Pete Higman - 48lb 5oz

Pete Higman - 44lb 12oz

Pete Higman - 39lb 14oz

Pete higman - 39lb 5oz

Pete Higman - 39lb Common

Pete Higman - 35lb

Work continues over the Winter months with the construction of two new cabins on the far side, so it is still an ongoing process to maintain and restructure our lake to make it even more comfortable and inviting for our anglers.

We would like to wish all our angler friends and their families a very happy and healthy 2013. See you soon.

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