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Post  carpyman on Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:04 am

Hi Guys


Due to unforeseen circumstances the date of 21st - 28th April for 6 anglers has just become available again.

For two years running, around this date has been our most productive time, as quoted below from our Fish Logs in the Gallery Section of our Website.

24th April - 1st May 2010
FIRST 60LB'ER We are over the moon as the lake has produced our first 60lb’er. Our anglers who have visited us for the past 3 years, have always caught well, but this particular week, they have had the best week ever – absolutely awesome. They had been worried as to whether they would be able to travel here because of the Volcanic Ash problem, but if they had not, they would have missed the week of all weeks. They are absolutely shattered because rather than the carp spawning as we believed they might, they did not stop feeding day and night, hence no good kip for the boys all week. Do you think they care – no way, they are one extremely happy group. They had a catch altogether of 71 Carp to a total of 2,443lb 5oz. 60lb 12oz, 57lb 4oz, 52lb 8oz. The sixteen 40’s are:- 47lb 8oz, 44lb 4oz, 43lb x 2, 42lb 8oz x 2, 42lb 4oz, 42lb, 41lb 12oz, 41lb x 3, 40lb 8oz x 2, 40lb x 2. Thirty nine 30’s are:-. 39lb 12oz, 39lb x 2, 38lb, 37lb 12oz, 37lb x 2, 36lb x 2, 35lb 8oz x 2, 35lb 4oz x 2, 35lb x 5, 34lb 12oz, 34lb x 3, 33lb 12oz, 33lb x 2, 32lb 8oz, 32lb 4oz x 4, 32lb x 4, 31lb 10oz, 31lb 6oz, 31lb, 30lb x 2. Nine 20’s are:- 29lb 14oz, 28lb 8oz, 28lb 4oz, 28lb x 2, 27lb 8oz, 26lb 8oz, 26lb 4oz, 23lb. All caught on Carp Company Natural Impact Boilies and High Protein pellet. I think you will all agree, that this is a very impressive catch list, and we hope that it is set to continue throughout the Season. To catch this amount of carp on a 12 acre lake is phenomenal. All the carp are growing at a tremendous rate now, and are in stunning and fantastic condition. So many new 40’s as well, so we look forward to a few more 50’s and even another 60. Bring it on!

23rd - 30th April 2011
I know I am posting this early as the week has only just begun, but I really must let you know that our 5 anglers from Wolverhampton have caught 11 carp in the first 24 hours – among them a lake record of 66lb 4oz, a 51lb 10oz and also 3 commons in their late 30’s. Nothing under 30lb. Absolutely brilliant and still another 6 days to go –so watch this space................Well, I was not wrong to ask you to watch this space, and you are not going to be disappointed – what an amazing week with 47 carp caught to a total of 1693lbs, and another great average of 36.5lbs... 8 lost. Mostly cloudy with some sunny intervals and very cold at night. Threatening to storm a couple of days, but not really amounting to anything. The Northerly wind again kept the water temperature to a balance that the carp liked, so no sign of spawning yet. A brilliant week – congratulations boys, and the champagne went down a treat........ 66lb 4oz caught by Richard Shaw, 56lb 13oz caught by Craig McEvoy, 51lb 10oz also by Craig McEvoy, 51lb 4oz caught by Nick Beaseley.... Also - 45lb 8oz caught by Sam Beaseley, 44lb 14oz caught by Craig McEvoy, 42lb caught by Richard Shaw, 42lb caught by Clive Hal,l 40lb 10oz caught by Nick Beaseley, 40lb 8oz caught again by Craig McEvoy, 40lb 4oz again by Craig McEvoy, 40lb again by Richard Shaw..... Also - 39lb 8oz common, 38lb 8oz, 38lb 4oz x 2 (common and mirror), 38lb, 37lb 8oz x 2, 37lb 4oz, 36lb 8oz, 36lb 4oz, 36lb x 2, 35lb 14oz, 35lb 4oz, 35lb x 3, 34lb 12oz, 34lb 4oz x 2 (common and mirror), 34lb, 32lb 14oz, 32lb 10oz, 32lb 4oz x 2, 31lb x 3, 30lb 4oz.... And - 29lb, 27lb 12oz, 27lb 8oz, 27lb x 3, 25lb.

If anyone is interested in this date, please contact us as soon as possible to secure it.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Carpyman cheers

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