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Question for the girls

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Re: Question for the girls

Post  Wrongenuk on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:27 pm

I go fishing to unwind dont need to get away from my misses she often comes fishing with me..
as you said in your post about this water your fishing this is every reason why i dont do day ticket lakes...there all pr icks and think there something special.the closes i come to it was this weekend.becuase my syndicate was shut due to spawning..

I had to go to my noddy club water.and believe me there was a few there.(surprised admin werent lmao)..
Anyway even more turned up on saturday morning member had his card clipped as he unhooked a carp on the floor without a mat omfg!!! only 3 lb carp but still carp is a carp..
I got the usual comment under the sun, about my carp gear..from my basia reels to my over size pump up mat...every question was answered with i have it because i can afford it and need them for my casting and better waters..and the mat is that size because its for ultimate carp protection...if you ask your an idiot in my book

I did what every carp angler be it man or women let your angling do the talking..apart from that 3lb carp i was the only one bagging up..all friday night until i packed up saturday morning at 10am
let the rods doing the talking,was even getting takes as i was raining boilies on there heads lol..The carp,, would of loved to do it to them idiots..
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