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Post  Munchy on Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:43 pm

I just thought i would submit a review on the new Delkim Nitelite Pro Hangers.

This is just a review on the product unused on the bank and will update once i have been fishing and put it to the test.

For anyone wondering if they should buy these gimmicky toys hopefully this will help you make a decision.

if you have any questions do feel free to pm me.

i was a little sceptical about purchasing this product as i was only spending birthday money and already have a set of solar hangers that are in perfect working order.

The new magnetic ball catch looks like a great innovation and clips on the line nicely and looks a little more effective than your everyday clips used by the other manufacturers.

The body in itself is a small plastic unit with everything integrated inside which looks well designed and made.

if anything the body in itself is quite light and i would say the weights are required to hold it in a wind however i found the thread on the bottom was a standard thread and my solar weights fit and done the job perfectly.

These hangers come with several led colours of which i have red white and blue to match my alarms,

the led's serve the same function that is set to the alarm eg glow mode with or without the alarms ( see instructions for details on txi modes)

i have set everything to illuminate on alarm to preserve battery life.

Another element of the hanger is the new cat flex,

i have read in different places that this was added to simulate a chain as the cable on its own didn't sit right under the alarms and it does a good job the cat flex is like a heavy black spring around the outside of the cable and again seems perfect for the job.

connectivity to the alarm from the hanger is by means of a small jack that is in the bottom of the alarm and keeps it all nice and simple.

i decided not to go for the "duocarb" converter bars to make them swingers as i prefer hangers and the fact that they are £15 each for a small bit of sliding moving plastic i do feel they are overpriced.

All in all for £25 quid each its a nice toy that looks like it works well and is made well and definitely recommended if you have nothing better to spend your money on.

I will post a further review once i have got these out on the bank and given them a good doing over Smile

Have fun.
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